How can I add an image overlay using Larix?

  1. Launch Larix Broadcaster on your mobile device

  2. Navigate to the settings panel.

  3. Click on "Overlays".

  4. Click on "Text/Pictures"

  5. Click on the + icon to add your overlay image.

    • Name your overlay image so that you can easily recognize it during your live event.

    • Select "Picture" as the overlay type and "Remote URL" as the location. 

      • Alternatively, you can use a file directly from your phone storage. However, you need to manually make sure that it is properly formatted to fill your frame. 
    • Enter your image's URL and click "Add".

    • By default, your new overlay will automatically appear on your video.

  6. Toggle your image on/off as needed during your live by navigating to the icon with three dots next to the main capture button.

    • Go to the "Overlays" menu and toggle the overlay(s) on/off as needed.

Pro tip: When using an overlay image as an intro or outro card, don’t forget to mute your mic!