How do I assign a product catalog to my event?

Select a new catalog, or reuse an existing one, to allow your viewers to browse and engage with your products during your live event.

Note: This article contains information related to the new Livescale experience and may not be applicable to the old experience.  


After you have created a catalog, assign it to your event by going to your event’s customization settings and finding the Commerce options. Find your catalog in the dropdown options, and click update.


Note: If you forget to add a catalog to your event before going live, no stress! In the Control Room, when you click on the products tab, you will be prompted to select a catalog directly from there. Once you go live, however, you can no longer change your catalog.

Caution: If you are planning on using the product hiding feature with your catalog during your event, keep in mind that the replay experience (should you choose to use it) will show all your products.