How do I edit the details of my scheduled event?

Once your event has been scheduled, you can customize it to fit your needs.

Note: This article contains information related to the new Livescale experience and may not be applicable to the old experience.  


Once your event is scheduled, you have a variety of details to edit according to your needs. Here are the different categories:

  • General – Edit all the Event Scheduling details from the previous step here.
  • Theme – This is where you will edit all the colors in your Live Room experience.
  • Editorial – Enter a waiting room message that your viewers will see when they arrive to your event, and a post-event message once the event ends.

Note: If you are using a link, make sure to include https:// in your url.

  • Interaction – This is where you will choose your options for event sharing, add to calendar link, and viewership count. 

Note: This viewer count option is only applicable to the Live Room. If you choose to hide the viewership, or choose the cumulative count, you will still always see the concurrent viewers in real time inside your event’s Control Room.

  • Commerce – Choose your checkout experience and/or redirection page, select a product catalog, and pick the product call to action to meet your event’s purpose.