How do I embed my live shopping event on my Shopify store?

Embedding your Livescale event on your Shopify store has never been easier! See below for the simple 3-step process to get started today.

Note: This article has the embedding steps for Shopify clients on the new Livescale experience. If you are still using the old experience, please refer to this article

What is the Embed Experience?

The Embed Experience with Picture in Picture (PIP) allows your live event to open directly on your native website's page. Then, as viewers navigate on your website, the event will seamlessly appear in a floating window on the same tab.

How to Embed your Live Event?

Step 1: Install the Livescale app on your Shopify store

  • In your Shopify Admin Portal, at the bottom of the page sidebar, click on Apps.
  • Search for the Livescale app and click Install.

Step 2: Enable the Live Room Embed extension

    • On your store, in the editor’s sidebar, navigate into the App Embeds tab.
    • Find the Live Room Embed extension. 
    • Click on the toggle to enable the extension.

    Step 3: Embed your event on your store CTAs

    • Find your event's Embed ID on the main tab for your event, and click on the copy icon.kb-embed-5
    • In your Shopify store, locate the page(s) where you would like to embed your Event, and open the template customization.
    • Choose the component(s) where you would like to embed your event. 
    • In the link box, paste the Embed ID in the url input.kb-embed-6 
    • Click save, and you're all set!