How do I stream to Livescale using Zoom?

If you wish to do a live shopping event with more than one host in a different location, you may wish to use Zoom

Watch our tutorial video here: 

Activate Custom Live Streaming on Zoom

The Zoom Pro account unlocks the "Custom RTMP" feature inside of Zoom. You will need to enable this option. To do this, navigate to, log into your account and navigate to SettingsIn Meeting (Advanced) and scroll down to the option "Allow live streaming meetings". Enable the function via the toggle on the right and select "Custom Live Streaming Service". Your Zoom account is now able to send a feed via RTMP.

Note: To stream to Livescale using Zoom, you will need a Zoom Pro account.

Connect Zoom to Livescale

To send your Zoom feed to Livescale follow the steps:

  1. Create a Zoom event, and launch the call.
  2. Wait for everyone to join the call and then navigate to "More" and select "Live on Custom Live Streaming Service".
  3. In the webpage that appears, fill in the text field as follow: zoom-custom-stream
    • Streaming URL: This is your RTMP URL that shows up in the Control Room after launching the video preview. 
    • Streaming Key: This is your stream key that shows up in the Control Room after launching the video preview. 
    • Live Streaming Page URL: This is the public URL of your event that is available in the top-right corner of your Control Room when clicking on "Public Link".
  4. Press "Go Live!" to launch your feed from Zoom and send it to the Livescale Video Preview. 

    Note: This is not the start of your live event, to start your live event, you must press the "Go Live" button inside of the Livescale Control Room once it receives the feed.