How do I troubleshoot my glitching video?

If you're currently live and you're experiencing video glitches, freezing or lagging on the end-user view, it is most likely due to internet connection problems, either at the on-site production location or remotely, if you have remote hosts.

Check your internet upload speed

The first step is to check your internet upload speed using a quick trusted tool like or 

Reminder: Livescale recommends a minimum upload speed of 10Mb/s to go live. If your Wi-Fi upload speed is below 10Mb/s, going live is not recommended. 

Warning: If your upload speed is below 10 Mb/s and you still choose to go live, you may get away with not having your connection drop entirely, but you strongly risk having your connection freeze every every few seconds

Check your video resolution

Then, check how your internet upload speed is matching against the video resolution that you're trying to send to Livescale. 

  • To stream in 720p (HD), you need at least 5 Mb/s. However, with the way that these speeds fluctuate, it is recommended to have at least 8-10 Mb/s to account for this. 
  • To stream in 1080p (FullHD), you need at least 12 Mb/s at all times, ideally 15-20 Mb/s to account for fluctuation. 

If you must continue your live event despite being under the recommended upload speed, reduce the quality of your stream. If you're streaming in 1080p, try 720p. If you're streaming in 720p, try 540p.

Note: We understand that reducing quality is not an ideal compromise but this approach should at least temporarily help alleviate the issues with freezing for your viewers so that they do not drop off your live event in frustration. 

Check in with your internet provider

After your live event is over, consider reaching out to your Internet Service Provider to ensure that they're providing the speeds that are being paid for, or see if they can provide you with a more performing plan. Most providers will guarantee a specific download speed range but in the case of live streaming, it is important to consider the upload speed. The provider should also check for other issues such as packet loss on the connection.

Check in with the Livescale team

If you're unsure about the suitability of your setup, feel free to reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager for a technical test run before your next event. They will happily assist you with checking internet connection and video broadcast connection to Livescale for seamless end-user rendering.