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What are the available engagement features?

Livescale offers a large array of community engagement features. Here's a walkthrough of our most popular ones.


This is one of Livescale's most powerful gamification features. In real-time or as part of a long-term marketing strategy, your community manager can create custom polls for viewers to participate during the Live Shopping event. These polls:

  • Can be created in advance or anytime during the live;

  • Are deployed manually in the live experience hub;

  • Poll results can be shared to the viewers;

  • Poll results can be exported after the live.


  • You may have a maximum of 4 different answers on a poll.
  • Poll questions have a limit of 500 characters.
  • Poll answers have a limit of 100 characters

How to create a poll: 

First, create your event. Then, go to the event's Control Room, and find the "Poll" tab on the right side next to the "Chat" tab. Click "Create" and get creative! 


Announcements are messages displayed on top of the video that allow you to highlight key pieces of information. Have a coupon code you'd like to share? Pin the coupon code on top of the video!

Pinned messages are also useful to correct slip of tongues, type out hard to spell words and much more.

Note: The maximum length for a pinned message is 30 characters.

Notify Winner

The Notify Winner feature is 1:1 email capture function. At any point during your live shopping event, the community manager can select any viewer(s) from the chat to notify them privately. A prompt will appear on the viewer’s screen where they will have the option to input their email address. The Notify Viewer feature can be used as many times as you want during any event.

You can view incoming emails both in the chat in real-time, as well as in the email export in your event's analytics after the event.