What are the different viewer count options?

Displaying the viewer count during your Live Event has its pros and cons. Choose the viewer count display options that fits your needs and comfort level.

Note: This article contains information related to the new Livescale experience and may not be applicable to the old experience.


To edit viewer count display for your event, go to your event’s customization settings and find the interaction options. First, choose if you want to show or hide viewer count altogether via the toggle. If you opt for showing the viewer count, choose between concurrent (real-time) and cumulative viewer count.


Note: These settings only apply to what an end-user or viewer can see on the Live Room. In the Control Room, as a moderator, you will always see the concurrent (real-time) viewership, even if you choose to show the cumulative count to your audience or nothing at all.

Concurrent viewership

The concurrent viewer count will show the real-time viewers that are watching the event in that particular moment in time. 

Note: The default is to show the concurrent viewer count.

Cumulative viewership

The cumulative viewer count will continue to increase as new unique viewers join the event.