What are the recommended specs for my product images?

While there are no minimum or maximum specs for the product images you use in your catalog, we are happy to provide recommendations to ensure a smooth experience for all your viewers.

Note: This article contains information related to the new Livescale experience and may not be applicable to the old experience.  


Here are some recommendations:

  • Make sure your image is at least 360 x 360 pixels wide. If it is smaller, it will be automatically expanded to fit the space in the Live Room experience.
  • Pre-crop your product image into a square. If you use a horizontal image, it will be auto-cropped in the center.

  • If you are using dynamic content (like GIFs) for your product image, make sure your file is under 10MB, and the video used in your GIF is under 10 seconds. Anything bigger may take longer to load for some viewers, and you risk compromising their user experience.

Tip: Make sure to always preview your product catalog both on desktop and mobile.