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What is the Chat Moderator module?

The Chat Moderator is your communication line that directly connects your brand to your audience. It is there to allow your brand to communicate with the audience and answer their burning questions in the chat. 

To access the Chat Moderator, simply navigate to the Control Room and enter a username in the Chat Moderator section to join the conversation. 

Pro tip: We recommend using the following nomenclature when joining the chat as a brand:

  • *name* from *brand_name* (e.g. John from Glamond Skincare)
  • *brand_name* (e.g. Glamond Skincare)
  • *brand_name* Official (e.g. Glamond Skincare Official)
  • *brand_name* Support (e.g. Glamond Skincare Support)

If you make a typo in the name, you can always edit it by clicking "Change username" above the chat.

When logged in to the Chat Moderator, you may also moderate the chat by answering your audience's questions or removing inappropriate comments and banning repeated offenders.