What is the Streaming Panel and the Interaction Panel?

During your live, stay focused on what matters most by choosing between different views in the Control Room to only show the components that you need during your Event.

Note: This article contains information related to the new Livescale experience and may not be applicable to the old experience.  


In your event’s Control Room, find the Streaming Panel on the left and Interaction Panel on the right. You can choose to show both next to each other, or only one of them. To hide one of the panels, double-click on any component on the panel to hide it.

Tip: Once you have a video feed connected, you also have the option to close the Streaming Panel but keep the video in a smaller PiP (Picture in Picture).

What is in the Streaming Panel?

In the Streaming Panel, you can connect a video stream from the streaming app of your choice and view the video stream, real-time stats, and highlighted products.

What is in the Interaction Panel?

In the Interaction Panel, you can view and moderate the chat, highlight products, hide/show products in your catalog, and post polls and announcements.