Why can't I see any video after connecting my streaming app?

Having trouble seeing the video come through in the Livescale console after you've connected your selected streaming app? Here are some common troubleshooting steps that you can follow. 

1. Verify that your RTMP credentials are correct.

Check that your stream key and/or stream url in your streaming app broadcast match the ones that were generated for your event in the console. Remember, each event has unique RTMP credentials, so make sure that you’re not using information from a previous event. 

"But… I know my credentials are correct. I’ve already connected my stream before!" 

Say you've connected your chosen streaming app in the event control room and you tested the video stream. But when you go back the following day, you no longer see any video stream connected. 

This happens because Livescale will only remember one connected streaming source per session, for up to 15 minutes after it stops receiving video. If more than 15 minutes go by since sending video to the console, the stream will be forgotten, and you will need to start a new session by reconnecting your stream. 

"I was just streaming and have now switched devices. Why did it stop working?"

Say you've connected a video feed coming from your streaming app, then decide to switch to a different device or a different streaming app. In this case, you will need to wait 15 minutes for Livescale to "forget" this first source, as streaming can only be received from one device in a given session. After 15 minutes of not receiving video, the source will be "forgotten" and you will be able to start a new session. 

2. Check that you have “gone live” on your streaming app.

This step will look different according to the app you have chosen. It's not enough to "go live" on the Livescale console side. It needs to receive a video feed from the streaming app first.

3. Check your settings.

It is possible that you have settings at the streaming app level that are stopping you from starting a video feed. For example, Zoom has additional settings that, if checked, will make the stream unable to connect to Livescale.