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Why can't I see all the comments during an event?

During an event with a high incoming volume of chat messages, we have a rate limiting policy in place to provide a more agreeable end-user experience. To prevent the chat from becoming flooded, we limit the amounts of incoming messages displayed in the chat room to 5 messages per second

This improves the user experience by avoiding a high influx of comments to come through on auto-scroll and the user being unable to read them. On the control room side, the moderators are able to see all comments but they can toggle off the auto-scroll to be able to manage this high volume.

This means that on the end-user experience, you may not see every single comment coming in through the audience.

Note: This rate limiting policy only applies to all incoming user chat messages on the end-user experience side. It does not apply to messages sent by the moderator(s) of the event, and does not apply inside the control room.